Question Case fan making noise

Apr 24, 2021
Earlier in the month when I cleaned out the dust from my case, one of it's fans started making noise on start up like if there was some dust stuck in it. Since there was no visible dust I decided to let it run. After a while the noise came back louder until there was a pop, afterwards the noise stopped. Starting this week the same fan started making noise but this time it sounds like clicking/scraping. The noise comes on at random times, sometimes louder then others, and for random amounts of time. With all that said the fan still works and isn't moving around of getting stuck, does this mean the fan is going out or is something just out of wack? I already ordered a replacement but should I change it out when it comes in or is there some fix I can do?
(Example of noise in video. You'll have to raise your volume to hear since it was on the quiet side at the time)