Question Case fan placement for cooler mosfets

Jan 8, 2019
Hi guys,

The mosfets on my Gigabyte B450M DSH3 tend to get toasty.

Running a 2700x oc to 4.1 Ghz, 1.35v and ram is at 3000Mhz. Mosfets sensor shows 110c and climbing under load for 15mins. If I drop the cpu to 4Ghz on auto voltage the temp is stable at 85c.

The thing is I have to run math simulations for 12-14h a day and want to squeeze as much as I can from the cpu but also need some piece of mind the mobo won't cook itself.

I am running with the stock cpu cooler atm so there's some air blowing over the mosfets and fan wise, got 2 x 120mm in front intake and 1 x 120mm rear exhaust.

I have the option of mounting 2 additional fans on the top so I was thinking I'l get 2 x 120mm exhaust high cfm fans for the top of the case and reverse the rear one to have it intake air.

This should help with mosfet cooling to some degree but not sure if the setup makes sense.

Any ideas? Thanks guys.

That's almost exactly how I placed fans in my setup. Only differences are that I'm using front placed radiator with 140mm fans + one 120mm fan. Second one is that I mounted rear 120mm fan so it's has 45 degrees angle dwnwards so it blows directly on VRM.
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Aug 12, 2017
Is this case a show case for looks?

If not heres what i done on my son's fx 8350 before we get a portable a/c unit in his room.
A trip to home depot, ace, hell any local hardware store will do for a corner bracket
And a longer bolt, washers, and nut and (maybe a hacksaw if you don't have 1) that goes through the bracket, fan and out the back of the case.
Jan 8, 2019
Thank you for your suggestions everyone. Much appreciated.

To anyone else with this issue,

Installing an additional high cfm exhaust fan above the cpu, coupled with flipping the case on its side yielded the best results in temperatures. Flipping the case actually knocked 4-5c off.

Dropped the mosfets from 110c+ to 97c stable, soc from 80c to 66c and cpu from 85+ to 77 while running 4.15Ghz on 1.344v.

If you're running a front mounted AIO instead of air, go with Mike's suggestion and reverse the rear fan to intake air, while installing 2 additional exhaust fans on top.

Cheers guys.