Jun 10, 2012
Hi all, I built this desktop about four years ago and then needed to switch out the case recently because of a malfunction. I basically picked up an exact copy of what I had previously, the Coolermaster HAF 932. With it, I have an Asus P6T Mobo and a I-7 920 CPU. While I was at it, I decided to upgrade the video card to a GTX 570 from the 285 I had previously.

Like I said, I built this before but I haven't tinkered with it much since. Now I'm struggling to remember how the case fans get connected, what goes to the power supply and what goes to the motherboard? I've pulled out the instructions to the respective case and mobo. From what I can tell, I could attach the top fan to the power supply then connect the side and rear fans to the motherboard. I haven't done this yet but I'm wondering what the consensus is on this plan. I think the one thing that's different now is my video card now requires two connections to the power supply, whereas before it only needed one. Since this is the case, I only have one four prong connector to the power supply left.

If I'm overlooking something, please feel free to point this out. I'm out of practice with this stuff. :(



Aug 9, 2009
i connect my front and top fan for my case to my chassis(case)fan headers on my motherboard,this way i can use my motherboard software to control the speed,they will also auto increase speed when the temps get high,you should also have power fan headers on the mobo,i beleive these will run at full speed(not regulated)i use a fan controler for my rear case fan coz it is a high speed fan and can be noisey...i hope this helps