Question Case fans - 5 intake to 1 exhaust or 3 to 3?


Jun 14, 2014
I am wanting to add two more fans to my case (both came included Fractal x2 gp-14). I am using a Fractal Design Define R6 and I am currently running with a h150i at the front as an intake and one Fractal x2 gp-14 as an exhaust at the top rear. I am going to add the two extra fans to the top of my case but I am unsure whether to go for them being intake or exhaust. I’ve read mixed opinions about having top fans as intake because of the heat rising. What do you guys think?
The reason I am doing this is for gpu cooling, it seems to be running fairly high at the moment (45-50C idle and 75+ gaming) and would like to get it down if possible.


The point of the fans is to get regular changes of air, not just to move it around. To do that you need flow, and you don't want fans fighting teh flow, you want them helping the flow. Ignore heat rising, the merest waft from a fan will disrupt it. In at the front and bottom, out at the back and top. Given that you inputting via a rad i'd try and get more input front/bottom and keep just 2 as exhaust.
Well, exhausts at the top might be better. However, what you really need is more air flow near the bottom of your case closer to your graphics card. So it would be ideal to make ONE of your new fans top exhaust, and one of them bottom intake. Can that be done?