Question Case fans and HDD ramdomly shutting down while PC is On

Nov 13, 2019
Hi I am new to PC building and i had just build my first 1 .. everything's working fine, it boots up fine with my M.2 SSD, GPU is good, temps are good, Rams working. but after using it for 1 month my Case fans Deepcool CF120 x 6 starts to shut down randomly including the RGB lights (all are connected to my Mobo). it cant also read my HDD(secondary storage). i tried rebuilding to look for faulty connection, also tried resetting the Bios and everything but it still keeps shutting down.. my 2 suspects are faulty motherboard or faulty PSU ? .i dont really know. its all brand new parts
what to do now. thanks for the help

PC specs:
Ryzen 5 3600
MSI B450 tomahawk max
MSI RTX 2060 6g twin frozr
Seasonic 750 watts 80 plus bronze
16gb G.skills trident Z
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I think it is no way to definite tell wether it is the motherboard or PSU that is faulty. At least not until you connect another PSU, it will be very hard to answer that.

Another thing you should look for is the molex connectors from the PSU, see if there is no defect in the female plugs. If there is defects, you may only have partial connection and thus experience that some components suddenly seems to shut down.
Nov 3, 2019
I'm the quick-and dirty-guy, so, if you can show light and make sure mobo doesn't touch ground in any way or form in ways it's not meant to. Screws that need insulation are ok, those that do not are connected and no bending anywhere ?

Oh, did I mention I have many friends pc fixed cheap using (among others) this thing. Mobo's are rather OK so they don't break usually.

Troubleshooting questions needed:
Did you move computer somehow from horizontal to vertical or such?
Also yes, PSU, PSU, PSU. If you have friend with similar connections, ask to bring psu over and connect it, fixed friend's new computer this way (worked for a while but PSU got lazy after a while).