Question Case fans change speed in BIOS but full speed in OS

May 11, 2021

I just built my first PC. Everything is working fine except I'm having a few issues with connection between my Gigabyte B560M motherboard and Tecware Orbis fans and fan controller. Currently the BIOS doesn't detect any system fans but changing fan settings for header 1 does control the fan speeds as expected. However, when I then boot the OS the fans get stuck at maximum speed.

The four Orbis case fans connected into a central controller. This has a PWM connection which I routed to fan header 1 on the motherboard. It also has a SATA power connection which I have connected to my PSU. Originally I wondered whether removing the SATA connection would solve the issue however, booting without SATA power prevents the fans from spinning at all and RGB lighting goes into some kind of strange rest state rather than lighting up fully.

I also made sure to update the BIOS to the latest version but still no luck :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated as currently the only option I have is to use the remote for the controller which only has two fan settings; loud and even louder XD

Many Thanks