Question Case fans curves setup with turning off below 50 C


Jan 4, 2017
Hello! I am trying to setup curves for my case fans with SpeedFan 4.52 with turning off below 50 C but I can't find any solution. I have 3 sets of fans: CPU fans, Front PMW fans and Top DC fans. Each set of fans has specific lower limit of voltage for working. For example, CPU fans can't work when voltage is below 20%. Lower limit for Front PMW fans is 30%, and for top DC fans is 40%. Using SpeedFan 4.52 I create fan curves for each set of fans, so for CPU fans curve starts with 20%, for PWM fans with 30% etc. But I want to disable all fans when CPU and GPU temps is below 50 C. How can I do that? In SpeedFan I can setup the first point of curve at 50 C to 0%, and the next point at 20%. But it means that between 50 C and next temp point the voltage will be a linear function below 20% which is essential for working. I can't set both points (0% and 20%) at the same temperature. How can I create a kind of step function for all curves?

To be honest, I like SpeedFan, because it can monitor not only the one source of temperature, but all at the same time. It means that I can include both CPU temp and GPU temp for Front and Top fans and when at least one of these 2 sources of temperature will be above limit, fans will increase their speed. But how to completely disable fans using SpeedFan?