Case Fans for my Rosewill Thor v2


Apr 13, 2012
Hi this is my first build and I'm almost done with it.

What I'm looking for are some blue LED fans for my case Rosewill Thor-v2 White.

It has a 230mm White fan already in the front along with a 230mm fan in top and on the side.

What I'm looking to do is change the side panel fan into another 230mm Blue LED fan and also get a bottom mounted 140mm Blue LED Fan, Rear 140mm Blue LED fan and then here's the other part.

I'm planning on putting a corsair h100 in the top of the case, from what I'm told though you cant have standard fans on the h100 with this case if you do a push pull so what i'm looking for are 4x120mm SLIM/Low profile blue LED fans to mount on the radiator.

The only fan that will be a different color is the front mounted 230mm WHITE LED fan to match the white LED Logo on the top of the case. Every other fan is going to be Blue LED in this build

Here's a list and then a link of the case.

230mm or 4x120mm BLUE case fans (Side panel fans)
1x140mm BLUE LED Back exhaust fan
1x140mm BLUE LED Bottom Intake fan
4x120mm BLUE LED SLIM/Low Profile fans for a Corsair h100 Push pull config.

Please help me choose these fans. I dont want to spend more than $50 on all of them, keep the price low as possible without sacrificing good quality.

I've also heard you want certain bearings inside the fan depending on if you mount them horizontally or vertically. No IDEA what is right though.

Honestly dont mind if the side fan is a 230mm Blue LED or 4x120mm Blue LED fans just as long as they push a good amount of air and the price Isn't crazy. Also I want what ever looks the best so maybe 4x Blue LED fans?

Anyone with knowledge on what kind of fans I should get for what I'm looking to do please help me out and make a list of fans and explain why.

TYSM For the help =)

Edit: Forgot the link to the case =O

also after looking through a number of fans I'll probably end up having to spend more than $50 for sure which is fine.