Question Case fans not detected since installing new graphics card ?


Apr 28, 2017
I’ve noticed since installing a new graphics card (3060) I can’t control my fans anymore. CPU fan is always around 2000 rpm, the 2 chassis fans and pump is now N/A in the bios whereas before I could see the speeds and adjust them. I used to control them on a curve in NZXT CAM and would hear them ramp up as the temperatures went up, but now they are just spinning at a set RPM. Is the graphics card taking the power away from the fans?


I suspoect you disconnected a cable without realizing it. From the PUMP of the NZXT cooling system there is a multi-headed cable. From ONE of those "arms" there is a cable that plugs into a mobo USB2 header. This is how the CAM software communicates with the cooling system. If that cable is disconnected, OR if the CAM software is NOT installed and operating correctly, the cooling system will default to a maximum cooling cconfiguration with no control to slow it down. So, check that cable connection and verify that CAM IS operating and able to "see" the pump and rad fan speeds.