Question Case fans not spinning and RGB not lighting up at all

Aug 1, 2023
So my CPU fans seem to work fine, but none of my CHA fans (I guess those are the 4 case fans, sorry completely new to building) are spinning. The RGB on my board and the RGB on the case fans are also not lighting up. I plugged the 3A (5v) into the ADD_Gen2_1 slot and tried the ADD Gen2_3 slot but nothing. I have a Montech air903 max and an ASUS z790 P-wifi. Sorry if this isn't enough info or doesn't explain the problems, but Im concerned the fans aren't working at all. At first I thought maybe they don't activate unless they need to, but since I lack experience I don't know if that's the case or I've failed to set up the power and mobo correctly. I also would just like to get the RGB set up because that's a nice added touch and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.