Question Case Fans: PWM vs Molex vs 6-Pin PCIE Power


May 30, 2016
Hi TH Fans,

I have 4 Corsair fans I am hooking up and have completed some of the basic power wiring. Each fan has a connector with a Molex + PWM. The connector for my power supply has a few molex connectors daisy chained plus a 6-PIN PCIE power connector. I have all of the Molex connected to each other (4 for the fans, intersecting into one on the power supply connector).

Here is my question: do I plug in the 6-pin, the molex, or both? The molex PSU connector has both a Molex and a 6-Pin. Additionally, I am assuming the PWM plugs do not carry power?

I think I just need a little clarification and I will be good to go - it's like the number of options available actually makes it more confusing, not less.

PWM cables run the fan's motors and allow control of it's speeds.

molex, SATA, or any other separate power cables are only for powering LED lights
or for powering a separate fan hub\controller.
do I plug in the 6-pin, the molex, or both?
do the fans or any included hub have a 6-pin PCIe port available?
i've never seen one that does.

where else would you be plugging it in except to a graphics card?


There is NO reason to connect fans to a 6-pin PCIe connector. In fact, I don't see how you could - don't think the connectors would fit.

There are some fans that come with both a 4-pin Molex and a standard fan connector on the SAME single set of wires from the motor. But I don't remember any by Corsair wired that way. On the other hand, the new lighted RGB or ARGB fans DO come with TWO cables from the motor, each with a different connector. So please tell us exactly what Corsair fan model you have - should be a name or model number on the fan label. Also tell us how many of these, and what maker and exact model of motherboard you have.