Question Case fans Recommendation and understanding

Sep 26, 2020
Hi guys

So i have this nice setup finally up and running

But as you can see i have a case which comes with no stock fans "intake our outtake fans".

So for now i want to understand how the intake and outtake fans works!
What i mean is i want to purchase 3 good quality intake fans and maybe 6 , 3 for intake and 3 for outtake on side (only for the case not for the AIO cooler) ,SINCE I HAVE MOUNTED MY NZXT COOLER ON TOP.

I also need to purchase 3 phanteks halos frames to have a nice rgb , also i want to be able to control the fans speed and the rgb from the phanteks halos frames mounted on top of these fans , so what do i need for that and how those things works!

Please advice me with the right decision and of course at a cost effective.

Thank you guys.