Question Case Fans

Aug 24, 2020
Hey ghouls looking to upgrade my stock NZXT case fans and wanted to ask the pros what the recommended air fans would be stock fans are 120mm looking for something better with rgb of course lol

Thanks in advance!!!


Important item you should check to get the right stuff. There are two different and incompatible types of RGB lighting systems that can be mounted in the fan frames. One is called just plain RGB, and uses a 4-pin connector for the mobo header. The other is called Addressible RGB or ADDR RGB or ARGB and uses a 3-pin connecttor (looks like the 4-pin one but with one pin missing). The two types use different voltages to supply power to the lights and very different control mechanisms, so you cannot mix them on the same mobo header. Thus you MUST ensure that the LIGHTING system in the fans you buy matches the type of header on your mobo.

Don't confuse "4-pin" with "4-pin". What? There are 3-pin and 4-pin fan MOTOR systems in use now. Separately there are 3-pin and 4-pin LIGHTING systems in use (above). An RGB fan has TWO separate cables from it - one for the motor to a mobo fan header, and another for the lights to a mobo RGB header. I am sure your mobo can handle either type of fan motor, but be sure to verify the type of lighting system it can handle.

Mobos now are sold with NO RGB lighting headers, or with only the plain RGB type, or with only the ADDR RGB type, or some with both types on the board. Check your board and its manual for which you have. IF your mobo has NO RGB headers, then you will need a set of fans with a matching controller box system to provide their lights with power and display control.

All mobo makers that put such headers on their board also supply with them the utility needed to control their output by software. Each maker has its own trade name like Aura Sync, Mystic Light, RGB Fusion, etc. In each case, that software is able to work with BOTH types of lighting headers, so the NAME of the software does NOT tell you which hardware headers are on the board. You need to check the manual for that detail.