Case for dual 120mm Radiator


Jul 10, 2001
Hey everybody,

I'm rebuilding the water cooling rig in my PC and I need some advice about a new case. I'm trying to redo my case so that everything is internal and I've got a Swiftech Dual 120mm Radiator. I'd like to be able to mount this Radiator on the top of the case with air exhausting out and up.

The NZXT Tempest is supposedly designed with exactly this in mind.

But I was wondering if anybody has tried to use the HEC 6BRBBB in the same way.

The cases look similar but I'm worried that there won't be enough room to internally mount the Radiator in the HEC case. Does anybody have any experience with this case or any recommendation for a similar case?



May 9, 2009
The HEC does not have fans holes on the top, now you might be able to cut them out, but there is not garuntee it will work even if the top fits them (screws and things)

The radiator will fit in the nzxt but the fan holes on the tempest are for 140mm fans so a bit of fixing may be in order.

Here is a great case that will fit your needs (the top fan can be replaced for 2 120s)