Case height restricted


Dec 25, 2009
I'm looking to build a Core i7 860 PC. Not a gamer, so not planning on high end graphics, but probably a dedicated graphics card of some sort. Would like to OC to a moderate degree. The space for my computer requires a tower style case less than 18 inches tall. The cases I am considering at present include the following due to the top fans:

Rosewill Destroyer

NZXT Gamma

Does anyone have any other suggestions?


I would look at the htpc cases if you have any other shelves. I found mine used on craigslist for $30. It sits flat and is about 15 inches wide but still takes an atx board. It has a large vent on top for the front mounted atx power supply, so air goes up. But I don't know who makes it. Cooler master makes the elite 360 available at newegg or frys that sits upright or flat for around $40. The regular htpc cases are more. Mine is a glossy black finish.
I was a similar position several years 3 kids all have 8.5" tall spaces on their puter desks. I bought Antec Lanboy cases and have regretted the decision....great case for what it is.....but hard to work in and won't fit many more than a 9.5" GFX card. We now have Antec 900's and 1200s except for one remaining LanBoy which will go in the next year or two.....they sit on dressers NEXT TO the computer desks :)