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Question Case mod question - adding wood to front?


Jan 23, 2019
So I ended up getting a Lian Li 205M for a microatx build. It's a solid little case for 50 bucks, but it's a bit plain. I am aiming for a more sophisticated look, and was thinking about getting some exotic wood veneer (thin pieces of real wood, not laminate or something) like ebony for the front panel. I'm not sure whether I'd try to cover the whole thing, or do a central piece, or strips, or what. Any thoughts on how best to affix wood to this sort of metal case front? Just super glue? The veneer glue I already have is for wood to wood.


You can also put the same wood on the power supply shroud, that would tie into the front and not make the front looked tacked on. If the case is magnetic, I would use magnets on the back of the wood and stick it to the case that way instead of glue, so you can remove it and maybe even make a few different ones to swap things out. If the case is not magnetic you can try glued/taped magnets or metal on the inside of the case that should have enough sticking power to hold magnets or metal on the other side. https://totalelement.com/products/1-2-x-1-32-inch-neodymium-rare-earth-disc-craft-magnets-n48-with-3m-self-adhesive-50-pack?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=&scid=scplpD12X1132N48-3M-50PK&sc_intid=D12X1132N48-3M-50PK&gclid=CjwKCAjw_-D3BRBIEiwAjVMy7BPx3Mnx8I4n1yGIj8PZqCeG0rtJgS9G7RI2rbSftF6dMX7hzW8tTxoCtIQQAvD_BwE