Mar 15, 2012
Hi, I got this older case that I want to use for the build that I'm working on now and I was wondering if you could just use regular spray paint, like form Home Depot, for both the interior and exterior. Or if you have to get some special kind of paint for using with computers. I plan on doing it all matte black. So if you can tell me anything I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Deleted member 362816

Google is your best friend for this, I have personalty found that duplicolor high temp paint seems to work great.

If you are trying to hide cables black is easiest. Black is the standard for PSU cable sleeving and there is only really one shade of black... so black shrink wrap for instance blends in.

Black also matches everything. So if you want to use blue or red lighting or parts it provides contrast. You wouldn't want a green interior with your red LED fans would you?