Question Case recommendation for a 360 mm (No coolermaster please, I have a personal vendeta)


Dec 28, 2015
Hi all, I would like to upgrade my CPU cooling and case to prepare for the awesomeness that will be the next gen gpus. Right now I have a i7 8700k, asus prime z370-p mobo, some air cooler that was ok price and performance wise, but I can't remember exactly what it is, and a 1080. Oh ... and a cooler master masterbox lite ... this thing ... I had to yank the front off, and slap (and sew) a mesh on the front because the performance was abyssal.

I am willing to maybe buy a cooler master again if you guys recommend it, but eh. I plan on getting a arctic freezer II 360 and liquid metal to go with it.

Other than that, I am looking for raw performance. As far as I'm concerned it can be an unpainted steel cube (as long as I can carry it), so rgb and glass isn't of any concern.The IO and buttons should be on the top, since I'm gonna keep it on the floor. Price range would be anything between 50 and 200 bucks. I am thinking of getting the lian li o11, as an example, even though it's got the buttons on the front, but I would like any additional input.

Thank you :*

Edit: I have found something that really piqued my interest: the phanteks p600s. I'll place the order tomorrow and am quite curious of some opinions on this topic.
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