Question Case swapping Dell XPS8900 but front panel on mobo doesn't have an option to take power switch and pins

Dec 9, 2019
This has been torturing me all day, I finally got the XPS into the new case after lots of trouble (i'm 18 and wanted to try and swap the case myself) I can't find anywhere that just simply labels or tells me how to connect the power button and all LED's to the motherboard. I'm kind of new to computer parts so I don't understand some terminology. It seems some people have said I need to use a "jumper" I have no clue what that is. I did however plug the old dell XPS power cable into the Fpanel port on the mobo and it turned on from the old case (while the parts were all in the new case) So i know that the old power switch works. How would I set up the new one? Its all pairs of pins like .. type of thing. Any help is greatly appreciated.