Case with best airflow

The Coolermaster HAF 932 has excellent ventilation, airflow, and cooling. Just be aware that it is a huge beast. Plenty of room for pc components, a large tower style cpu heatsink, and mutliple long video cards. Tom's Hardware did a small comparison with a few other cases shortly after the HSF 932 was introduced. It came out on top for cooling. Technical reviews were very favorable. Take a good look at the exterior of the case. Some people love it and some people hate it. It is a matter of personal preference. There are three different versions of the case:

The Antec 1200 is another large case with excellent airflow. It's right behind the 932:


That's not a real problem. The PSU, with the fan mounted on top, helps keep the drives in the lower bay cool. I have three 900's with either 2 or 3 drives in the lower bay and I have never seen a drive temp higher than 29 C. And that system has two WD 1 TB's and a 640.