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Cases, so many, your opinon/recommendation Appreciated

Received my I5-2500K and Z68 Asrock Extreme4 MB on Friday (Was not suppose to arrive until Monday). So on Saturday I put together on the Kitchen table. Used a Corsair TX 650 PSU and 8 gigs of Ripjaw DDR3-1600, CL7, and Zalman 9900Max HSF. Powered up (using IGP), only change to BIOS was to allow XMP Profile 1. Ran Memtest for a couple of Hrs, No errors, Just wanted to confirm it was working before installing in a case. No HDD and bought Windows 7 3 user pack on Sunday. That 9900max was a PITA to get on. I’m going to look into modifying the installation too simply!!!! The temps in BIOS looked good, low 30’s, But this is not in a case, so I would expect mid 30’s. Need the operating system so that I can look at individual core temps @ idle and under load.
Now for the case – Prefer under $100. Like large top Fan over large side fan. (Not a gamer) so probably stick a 6850 in.
USB 3 front panel nice, not a Must, as it looks like most of the cases with a USB front takes a wire out the back and plugs into a back panel USB port. The ASRock MB comes with a front panel 5 ½ in panel adaptor.
Below is my preliminary choices – any pros/cons and/or other cases are welcome.
Primarily concerned with cooling.
$ 67 ( after $25 MIR) Thermaltake V9 BlacX Edition
$ 75 Antec Six Hundred
$ 52 ( after $25 MIR) Thermaltake Armor A60 Gaming
$ 93 Thermaltake Armor A90 Gaming

The "box" does state "designed for Windows vista*" However that is because the upgrade will only work on vista (and win 7). upgrading a XP system to win 7 is allowed - But it will not do a upgrade per say, it will do a clean install over XP.

(1) 1 Install is for my new build, have a Vista disk, but will use the coustom instal to do a new install. Will probably make a daul boot - win 7 64 bit and win 7 32 bit - that would kill two "live"
(2) will use one copy to upgrade a new laptop, Win 7 -> Win 7. Newer laptops mostly do not come with a "Clean" Win 7 disk. Most require you to make your own win 7 disk, which will still have all the "Bloatware" that comes with the loaptop.

Thanks for your insight on the cases.


Dec 29, 2007
Antec 900, oldie but still good $99

Or my case:

Azza Solano 1000R (red powder coat inside, and red fans)Huge case, fits the 6950 reference card $118 (there is also a blue version, but it costs more).
$130 (same as above, but all black with blue led fans).
BitFenix Shinobi Window Advanced - $69.95
The new BitFenix Outlaw will be released in July for $50 retail.
Very nice case at the pricepoint.


Mar 15, 2011
The 3 pack of Win7 works just fine with WinXP and Vista. Make sure you save anything you want to keep. My case is a Cooler Master. About $70 at NewEgg. Its very well made and looks good, but it isn't a gaming case.
Davcon, Thank for the additions, to look at. Had not heard of BitFenix Shinobi.
Nice clean cut. I looked at the specs. The width look like 8 In. Do you think the Zalaman 9900Max is going to fit, It's close to (little shorter) than the Hyper 12+. Was thinking that I'd probably need a 8.3 at min.

IH8U - That Azza Solano 1000R Looks great. I have to Kill all thoes Led (LOL). Cooling looks great, case a little narrow for large air cool towers, but if a Hyper 212+ will fit, then my 9900max will. Had already ruled out the Antec 900

It will fit no problem the 212+ fits in cases 7.5" wide.
Proof is all the feeback on Newegg with Rosewill Challenger and Destroyer's both are 7.48" wide and users have 212+ in them.
Yes i really like the look of the Shinobi too = clean & classy!
Davcon - Thanks, I had been limiting my search to 8.3" and larger, so that opens the field up a lot.
I have My I5-750 in a Thermalake and it is 9" wide. (It was on sale at Newegg, $135 reduced to like $10/20 bucks as a combo deal about a yr and a half-a-go. I like It, but I think they discontinued it.
Ordered the case last night.

First, I would like to thank everyone - all good sugestions.
IHU8 - Best looking, clean cut, not a bunch of LEDs to light up the bedroom.
Bullwinkel - The Lian PC-K59 looked like an Excellent, but Did not look like it would take a large top fan.
Davcon - For some excellent case that I'd never heard of and would not have looked at. Also for the insight on width to allow a 9900 Max (Just a little shorter than the 212+
Cronos177 - I did consider the CM HAF-912, But a little leary of the problems CM is having with front panel Connectors and suceptibility to ESD

What I ordered, price wise was hard to pass-up (providiing I get the MIR). $75 - $25 (MIR) + $ 2 (shipping) = $52.
Thermaltake Armor A60
Should have it by friday.


May 6, 2010
For the under $100 segment, grab either a CM 690 II Advanced or the Lancool PC-K62

Those are consistently the 2 most recommended cases at that price point and they deliver the most bang for buck.

Personally I prefer the slightly cheaper 690 II because of how many additional fans you can add if needed.

Don't buy Thermaltake, they're junk.

The 900 is a decent reliable case but has terrible cable management and it's showing it's age.
Mute point as I already ordered.
But, I have both a CM and a Thermaltake VB600 series case under my desk - much prefer the Thermaltake (The Thermaltake was a more expensive case than the CM)

Will agree that Thermaltake fans that are installed are junk, normally replace, But I also replaced all the Fans in the CM case).

I did look at the CM cases - and would have considered EXCEPT, I'm not Irish and with my luck I would have recieved one with a BAD front panel, one that if I inserted my USB stick I would have ended up with a bad USB port, or worst have to replace the MB and their warrenty only covers the case with a sorry about that 200 dollar MB.

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