Casing recommendation - Alternative to Silverstone FT02


Feb 3, 2010
Hi all, total newbie here seeking some guidance. I'm planning on getting a brand new system built for me and am currently researching components. I was hoping to get the Silverstone Fortress 2, but no one seems to carry it locally in my country. So I need alternatives.

My priorities are as follows (from highest to lowest):

*Minimal dust - i.e., must have easily accessible filters (for cleaning) in place on all intakes
*Size - no bigger than the FT02 (212 x 497 x 616 mm) esp with regard to depth. I live in a studio apt, so space is at a premium.
*Silent (not total silence, reasonable noise is OK)
*Cool (again reasonable, I'm planning on purchasing better heatsinks/ component coolers for this aspect)

Costwise - again, no more expensive than the FT02, which was already stretching the budget
No in-your-face LEDs.

Help & recommendations appreciated!