Cat4.1 and overdrive?


Nov 25, 2003
Hi all

Maybe this has already been covered but I can't find an easy way to search the forum so here goes:

I just updated to Catalyst 4.1 from 3.10 for my Sapphire 9600XT 128Mb

When running 3.10 I had a tab where I could turn on the overdrive option. With 4.1 this tab seems to have gone, at least I cant find an option anywhere to turn it on again, while there is coverage in the release notes that they have improved it and added monitoring functions for temperature.

Can anyone help me out here? Is it my hardware, or is it the driver software or something else?


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Jan 27, 2004
I have come across the same problem with my Connect3D 9600XT 128MB card while trying to fix another problem, see my other post.

I have tried versions 3.8, 3.9, 3.10 and 4.1 of the Catalyst drivers and the only ones to give me an Overdrive tab in the control panel were the 3.10 drivers.

I haven't been worrying too much about it though as this is the least of my problems. I have read it makes little difference to performance at this time, though who knows what the future may hold.
Probably it's not really supported in your hardware. And now that they offer temperature monitoring they are only being added to cards with actual thermal diodes on them.

BMac what you should do is download Sapphire's latest driver package, and contact Sapphire. It is unlikely that the reference Catalysts will give you that option in the future. From what I've read sofar, it's only the Fireblade edition of the Sapphire R9600XTs that have the thermal diode and thus can truely enable Overdrive. The instance of it in other drivers (like 3.10) is likely just enabling the tool on ALL XT models regardless of whether they can make use of it or not. Now it likely checks for the presence of the diode and the ability to use the function. Of course it also could just be incompatibility of the Sapphire cards with the reference drivers. In either case I would recommend contacting Sapphire.

And ByteBandit, the reason it likely didn't do anything for you or the others who say it doesn't do anything for them, they never actually had it in the first place.

The difference is noticeable in benchmarks, whether you will notice it in games or not depends on the games you play.

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