Question Cat5 cable test has wrong sequence, fixed it, still not working

Nov 11, 2020
Hi Everyone and thank you in advance for your help.

I have cat5e wiring throughout my condo but the wires in the closet do not have RJ45 jacks installed (except for 1) so I crimped on new RJ45 jacks in the normal order (AFAIK):

WhiteOrange, Orange, WhiteGreen, Blue, WhileBlue, Green, WhiteBrown, Brown

I used a simple ethernet cable to test the cable starting in the closet central point to each cat5 jack in various parts of the condo.

The simple ethernet cable test shows that the master/main end of the cable tester cycle:
BUT the remote end of the tester cycles:

This clearly isn't right so I checked the order of the wires on the single RJ45 jack that was alrerady installed and it was in an odd order:


When I tested that line with the wall jack in another room, the tester came back positive with both the master and remote side of the tester cycling in the same order: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.

This lead me to think, OK for some reason all of the wall jacks are ordered differently than normal so I redid one of the jacks with that order, tester the cable and the jack...cycles correctly.

Thought I was all done but when I tried to plug the closet end of the cable into the router and then plugged my computer into the wall jack, NO CONNECTION. Verified all cables test correctly 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.

What am I doing wrong?????


You wired 568B, which is most common for general cable installs in the US. The other is 568A. See THIS.

Either way would work as long as both ends follow the same standard and all of your cables follow. But yeah, if you buy a patch cable it will be 568B, as you used to start. If one end is A and the other B it is a crossover cable that used to be an issue before the auto-MDIX that came with gigabit.

I would do it al 568B and it will work fine and you will always know what you have.

edit: at this point just get all the wiring done so that the detector indicates all cables are working correctly and that each has a connection, i.e. all 8 lights in order on each and then address setup issues -- if you have all the cables correct it will work.
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