Question Cat7 in walls


Mar 19, 2010
I want to run cat7 through my walls in my house. I'm having trouble getting definitive answers to some questions.
  1. Do I need a specific crimp tool or standard RJ45 works for cat7
  2. Do I need a specific termination connector for cat7?
  3. Is there something special I must do to keep cat7 compliance when terminating this cable?
  4. If I use wall plates will there be any loss/slow down ? [I can only find cat6 plates online]
I currently have cat 7 cables but I am moving into a new house and will be redoing the walls in the living room anyways so I figure it is a good opportunity to hide some wires. Just trying to figure out the best way to get the wires through the walls and connected without messing anything up. Thank you for any insights.
have you ever fished wires through walls with Fish Tape? Get ready for some fun. I would get more than 25 ft fish tape though, depending on the size of the house and where the wires are going and such.

use this site below to look at cat7 specs

here is a good crimping tool, I only go for the industrial kind when i make cables, like to make em like a pro

they also make really nice professional wire strippers for RJ45, that is a must when making cables
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Mar 19, 2010
Thank you for the fast responses! I am going to rip out the old ceiling wall and floors in a house i just bought to rehab and live in so I figure it might be a good time to take the opportunity to get some wire run :p. Might do conduit actually for future ease.
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I'd recommend buying cable on monoprice. cat6a UTP CMR UL listed. shielding is not needed in the home or recommended. It's very complicated to ground properly.
each piece should be the same rating. cat6a, UTP, UL Listed on keystone, wire, and patch panel. patch cables don't matter as much you can use cat5e if you don't need 10G.

If you're doing 8+runs buy a patch panel and run everything to keystones. I'd recommend running some for ceiling AP or POE cameras if you think you might use those.

Ethernet - punchdown tool, crimper (mostly optional might need it for access point, pass through ones are really easy), scissors, patch cables in bulk, RJ45 plugs match to wire awg and normal or pass through
walls- paddle bit, fishing sticks (optional), extension for drill bit
gang box- drill, small hand saw, laser level, use new construction boxes if the drywall is out or a remodel if the stud isn't in a great place.
patch panel- mount on wall or in small 19inch rack that's secured in place
Depending on how you want to do this and how many cable runs you are going to have.
A patch panel is nice when you can put it in the room you know everything will be in.
Just got to be sure on the 2 standards they use - get the right tool.
Also if you use wall sockets, they normally need to be punched as well.
Personally, my new favourite sockets are Unifi
But specifically this product -
Wifi in each room AND hard wired lan if you want with PoE option as well.
Anyway - sounds like a fun project.
Oh and this is quite cheap and useful if doing cable running -