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Question Cat8 cable into a cat6 wall jack

Jul 2, 2020
Will there be a slow down if I plug cat8 cable into a cat6 wall Jack? I am moving and will be running a hard line from the router in the middle of the house to my new office on the side of the house through the attic. Im under the 100 foot limit if cat8 but don't want to lose any speed. Finding cat8 wall plates/jacks seems to be difficult. Was planning on using female to female connections for ease and to not just have a hole in the wall with the wire running through it.
There is no such thing as cat8 cable yet. When it is finally certified it will likely be 100gbit.

The port not the cable controls the speed. Since you likely only have 1gbit ports you only need cat5e cable. Any other cable will not run any faster.

Distance limit for ethernet cable is 100 meters not feet.

The only cables that you should even consider buying is cat5e for gigabit and cat6a for 10g. Anything else does not run any faster or better.

I would be very concern about the quality of the so called cat8 cables. Since there is no such thing the vendor can't really be trusted. There is a lot of fake cable on the market. Make sure you have pure copper cable (no cca) with wire size 22-24 (none of the flat or thin cable)
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