Question cat8 cable ?

Jul 24, 2021

I have Tehnicolor cga2121 router and Gigabyte z390 Gaming X motherboard. Yesterday i bought cat8 cable and when i connect it after a 1min maybe it says " You are connected to the internet" but wont open any of the pages, idk how to check if router or motherboard are compatible. When i try Cat5e it works normal i tried all 4 ports, also tried with another pc. Any solutions?

Thanks !
There is a massive amount of fake cable being sold especially on very popular sites like amazon. I am not sure real cat8 cables even exist yet. There have been a number of changes to the standard and I am unsure if they finalized them yet.

A true cat8 cable is going to be extremely expensive since it is deisgned to be used on networks that are 40gbit . You are not going to get this cheap and if you do it makes it even more likely the cable is a fake

You need nothing better than cat5e to get the full gigabit speed your motherboard has. For someone who would actually have some equipment that could use a 40gbit port they are not going to worry about saving a dollar on their cable to connect to a system that like costs as much as a small car.
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