Catalyst 3.10 review @ FiringSquad

No screenies, just a bunch of benchies and some opinion;

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Some of their Conclusions;

<i>"While those of you looking for performance improvements are likely disappointed with the release of CATALYST 3.10, we must say that the stability/compatibility improvements introduced with this release are definitely more welcome, and we have a strong feeling many of you would agree with this sentiment."</i>


<i>"CATALYST 3.10 was a fitting way for ATI to end 2003. It merges all the performance improvements of CATALYST 3.7 (most notably in UT 2003) with the innovation and features of CATALYST 3.8, and, just as important, the stability and compatibility of CATALYST 3.5. ATI also recognized the immediacy of the Call of Duty issues and quickly issued a hotfix.

It’s this kind of service that proves ATI has come a long way in software support. And features like OVERDRIVE suggest that ATI’s CATALYST drivers are only going to be getting better in the near future."</i>

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