Catalyst control center messed up :(


Jan 31, 2006

Having not opened my CCC in a long time i dont know what caused the problem. However, i can not get it to open up ><. I can see the icon in the system tray however when i click on open CCC it just pauses for a few secs as if it is going to do something....then nothing happens.

I have also being experiencing very slow system start ups. My system doesnt appear overloaded but it just seems to sit there doing nothing when i log in on XP, before my anti virus, firewall and ATI icon appear. Could this be CCC related? i have tried disabling everything in msconfig but they all still load anyway lol.

Oh, i have driver 6.5 but that made no change. I also downloaded the 1.1 and 2.0 frameworks

thx for any help
CCC does result in slower load times, but your opening the CCC issue seems strange. Try going in through the display method and then advanced and see what happens.

You can also us the basic driver and then run AtiTrayTool seperately to give you most of the CCC's functions (without AVIVO though).


Jul 2, 2006
i am having the same problewm "catalyst control center" just hangs for 5 sec and nothing happens .....i dont know what to do anyone had the same proble ...maybe a solution plz


Mar 17, 2006
I have the same problem with my old ATI video card.

Catalyst controller won't work on older video card.

Try the following: if you have newer video card.
1 - Try loading catalyst controller from the program folder.
2 - Do not install modified "crack" ATI driver together with original ATI Catalyst Driver, they don't work together very well.
3 - Uninstall old driver with ATI uninstaller and install new ATI driver with catalyst controller.
4 - If step 3 does not fix it, try step 3 again but this time after uninstalling the driver. Go to registry and delete ATI registry on both HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, to do that click "Start/Run and type regedit". On registry, Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER then Software then right click on ATI then delete. Do the same for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Then Install ATI Driver with Catalyst Controller.

Depending on Video Card you have Newer Catalyst Controller will not work, So on older video card try using older catalyst controller. I can use new ATI driver on my old ATI video card but the catalyst controller.

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