May 19, 2017
PC Specs:
GPU; Speedster 319 merc xfx rx 6900xt
CPU; INTEL core i7 10700k
RAM; 4x 8GB corsair DDR4 3000mhz
PSU: Corsair RM850
MONITOR; ULTRAWIDE (3440 x 1440) AOC CU34G2X 34"
SSDs; Samsung 850 pro, samsung 850 evo, m.2 960 evo. m.2 Western digital black sn750
OS; Windows 10 home edition.

The Issue: Compared to numerous benchmarking YouTube videos and websites, my AVERAGE FPS is in-line with the 1% low fps. So pretty much every game i've tried (Forza horizon 4, Grand theft auto 5, Assassins creed Valhalla, Need for Speed; Heat) are on average 30fps lower than expected. I've been keeping track of all temps via MSI AFTERBURNER and Radeon software and all temps are OK at an average of 68C, the GPU clock is on par (2300mhz - 2633mhz), GPU utilization is great at 80-100% with CPU hovering at about 40%. There are no stuttering issues during games and I'm still hovering around 100 FPS on ultra setting on almost all games, but i paid for a card that would be future proof for a fair amount of time, id like to see all the performance I paid for.

Notes I want to make; Intel CPU with an AMD card because I had a 3080ti on the way until the seller screwed me. 1080ti beforehand was already sold to a friend and got lucky getting the brand new 6900xt in a pinch with all the severe stock shortages. All components are new except for the ram and the Samsung SSDs. Increasing game resolution did lower fps significantly, with 4k resolution gta 5 bogging me all the way down to 50 fps avg. Lowering resolution however didn't increase my framerate at all. I used UserBenchMark a few times and every time it told me my GPU was performing below expectations even with overclock, but i also know a lot of people consider that site to be a load of bull.

Attempted Fixes; Uninstall and reinstall all drivers using DDU (both old NVIDIA drivers and current AMD drivers), successfully updated bios but saw no performance increase, checked for windows updates, fiddled with more AMD Radeon settings than I can remember to no avail (FPS chill, Radeon Boost to name a couple.)

The fix list is not that long, mainly because any topic I find where someone is having the same issue the thread either ends abruptly with no real answer or the answers are very honestly from people who don't know what they're saying. I really doubt my intel CPU is the bottleneck. I've looked up other benchmarks (yes in ultrawide resolution) with the same GPU CPU combo and they blow my rig out of the water. I'd like somebody who's more knowledgeable to tell me whether I'm right or wrong on that. The ram is the only thing that is severely outclassed in the spec sheet, but it never gets close to full utilization anyway in terms of clock, so I'm not sure on that either. I almost want to say my card is defective, otherwise I'm just trying to make myself feel better because I'm missing something terribly obvious. Needless to say I'm desperate and I'll try any suggestions. Thank you for reading
I almost want to say my card is defective, otherwise I'm just trying to make myself feel better because I'm missing something terribly obvious.
with the RX 6700 XT i could only get ~60-70fps in the more demanding games with near-to highest settings on ultra-wide 1440p.
i would expect ~25 more with the 6800, probably another 25 on top of that with the 6900 XT.
so i would agree that your average is ~20-30 less than expected.

i haven't heard much good about XFX in the last 4-5 years though.
so it could just be an inferior card.

you can talk to the retailer and XFX about a return/RMA/replacement but many haven't been having a lot of luck with getting replacements due to the product shortages.

you could also just hold onto it as a temporary use card until a good RTX becomes available.
then sell it for near to MSRP.
what i ended up doing with the disappointing RX 6700 XT.


May 27, 2015
I have a 6800xt with 10700 @ 4.6 GHz all core, I have 4k and 1440p if you wanted to run a benchmark to compare with mine....maybe 1440p, 4K is pretty much gpu bound but we can do that too to make sure your gpu is running good. I can try and use custom resolution or if you just want to bench 3dmark timespy at 1440p and/or firestrike ultra at 4K. I have gta 5 but I'd have to clear some room, take off rdr2 but I have mods. Unless you have rdr2 benchmark.

I tested 3200MHz 16 CL up to 4000MHz CL 18 and in g aming, I didn't really notice a difference. I think 3000 is fine for intel.
Jun 14, 2021
If this still hasn't been fixed, try and go into your Radeon Graphics settings and turn everything off that's supposed to make games "run better", ie. Radeon™ Anti-Lag, Radeon™ Chill, and so on.
Restart your PC, close every piece of software you don't need (for example icue, msi afterburner, msi dragon center, monitor screen saver or similar, etc.) Open a browser download and run userbenchmark. Then post the result link here (the link please, do not try to copy-paste the results).

Mixing intel and AMD cards shouldn't be an issue here.

Did you used two independent pcie power cables from the PSU to the GPU?... So no daisy chain plugs were used, right ?

Im guessing the video card is also on the first pcie x16 slot starting from the top of the motherboard?

All those FPS numbers you are talking about, all are while testing at the monitor native resolution right?

Have you tried to remove a pair of RAM sticks, leaving only 2x8GB?

Were those youtube benchmarking videos you saw for 3440x1440p testing?, Care to share a few of them here?