Question Cause of motherboard issue?


Dec 4, 2019
Hey guys, so recently my motherboard suddenly started having an issue where the NVME SSDs would drop out under extended transfers. I RMAd the board, and the fault was confirmed, so it definitely wasn’t any other component causing the issue. Anyway, I got my money back, and just purchased a new motherboard yesterday. What I’m a little worried about is that is it possible another component actually damaged the motherboard thus giving it this issue? Such as maybe the PSU? The board was only a year old so it seems a little strange that it would suddenly start having an issue like that. Every other component works perfectly fine. PSU seems to be in perfect working order. I’m just a little concerned that maybe if some other component did happen to damage the motherboard, it might damage the new one. Or is it more than likely it was solely the board itself that just poo’d itself for some strange reason? There were a couple of reviews on the motherboard I had saying it didn’t even last a year, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if it really was just the board. It was the Asrock z490 Aqua. My PSU is the Corsair RM850.
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I suppose anything is possible, but not sure what you can do other than soldier on with the new motherboard and see if anything develops.

The alternative would be to start replacing parts (such as the PSU) before you have a known issue. That doesn't sound wise to me.

Other than the CPU, parts in a PC have relatively high rates of failure. Not much you can do about that other than hope.