Question CD/DVD printing tray keeps popping out on Epson L805 printer ?

Jan 4, 2023
I Have a few years old Epson L805 printer which has a dedicated CD-DVD tray.
a peculiar problem has been irritating me whereby the tray is simply not accepted by the printer. It keeps spitting it out. it works randomly in maybe 2-3 dozen times but this is very time consuming and irritating.
any pointers on how to get it sorted as i otherwise love the print quality and it actually works fine while printing on paper.


This printer?

(Verify that I found the applicable User Guide.)

Take a very close look at the tray and the host printer.

My thought is that the tray and/or printer has worn in some manner that prevents the tray from locking into place.

Use a bright flashlight and a magnifying glass to inspect for signs of wear, cracking, or other damage.

Especially around the slots shown on physically numbered Page 71 of the User Guide.

Could simply be some dirt/debris causing the problem. Just getting in the way of a good tight fit.

Maybe take a couple of clear, closeup photographs if possible and post the photographs here via imgur (

Someone may spot a problem.
Jan 4, 2023
well you may have misinterpreted the tray part.
There is a output tray that needs to be shifted, that works fine, it is the one that is illustrated on the PDF you shared. However apart from that there is an input tray with a CD/DVD cut-out on it. That tray goes in gradually and then comes back out as it is being printed upon.
I am having issues with the latter!
edit: found a solution, it seems that a "leaf switch" is malfunctioning, a temporary workaround is to depress it more as shown in this link
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