CD/DVD receiving problems


Dec 12, 2005
Hi guys i build myself a new comp like 2 weeks ago

Chaintech Nforce 4 ultra
2.0ghz athlon venice core
1 gig corsair ram
connect3D x800 GTO

And basically my problem is that since i built this new comp when ever i put something into my cd drive it completely locks up the computer.

At first i used my old comps 50x cd rom drive and that made my computer freeze and or lock up for like 2 minuts while iwas spinning furiously.

So now i took that thing out and am using my External LG dvd burner as my primary cd input.

However it still does this, when i put in a game or anything it spinns and slows the computer down a TON!

does anyone know why this is happening, i know it was liek this on my old pc just a tiny bit. But i always just thought this was because my pc was slower. However on this fast one its much much worse

any help would be apreciated.



that's strange... esp after you upgraded. try this:

(follow these exact instructions on this webpage, it's to disable autoplay)

insert CD/DVD and see if the problem still exists. if it does- then it's most likely some sort of hardware problem. if it doesn't, then it was windows.

if none of this works, i have a question: have you put any Sony audio CD's in ur drive lately? there's a hidden copy protection program on some sony CD's that can cause <some> of the symtoms ur describing.

report back here with ur results so we can futher troubleshoot the problem.