CD/DVD Rom for my HP Laptop


Jul 5, 2011
Hi, I will apologise if I am in the wrong thread, as I am new to this.
My HP Pavillion Entertainment PC CD/DVD Rom has disappeared from my computer, and the CD/DVD Drive will not recognise any CD or DVD..
Can anyone please help me solve this

Also, my Laptop boots up and goes into windows vista, after about 30 seconds my laptop shuts down automaticly, an dthen bootsup into safe mode.
Help need please. Many thanks
I think your shutdown issue is a bit more vital to fix than a missing drive. It's like saying "I have an itch in my toe, oh and also every time I stand up I start bleeding from my eyes".

This could be a hardware issue, but before replacing the motherboard, try to re-install Windows. Backup your data, do a clean setup of Windows, make sure you format the drive first, or just do the full factory restore if you have that available.