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"bill" <bill@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
> cd rom will not read

We'd like to help.

Please provide more details, so someone can figure out what might be your
problem. Here are few hints that are helpful to solve problems. Of course,
some of the following are true, some others are not.

* You installed a new CD-ROM Drive.
- you configured the drive's jumpers
- you attached the data cable
- you attached the Molex power cable to the drive
- Your BIOS recognizes the new drive

* It's the sane CD-ROM drive and suddenly, it does not work anymore
* Other CD disks work in this drive.
* No other CD disks don't work in this drive neither

* You receive an error message, What does it say?

*Other things don't work, Which ones?

The more details you provide, the more chances we have.

Mark Delaney, MCT