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There is no CD+R.

There is CD-R, and there is CD-RW.

CD-R is write-once.

CD-RW is "rewriteable" - you can write to it, then erase it, and write it again.

CD-RW is less compatible with ordinary CD players. But CD-R blanks are so cheap these days that almost nobody ever bothers with CD-RW.

Dont be so quick ... he is right - the linked article DOES mention CD+R

In the table where it decribes different buring situations... where it says to "Be able to add and erase files over and over, as if the disc were a floppy disk or USB flash drive" it says you can use CD+R

But you are right... there is no CD+R... its a mistake in the Microsoft article

To the OP.... Why would you want a CD+R? why you think you need one? what were you wating to do with it?



Mar 26, 2012
Thank you, I was pretty sure that there was not any such thing as CD+R but the guy gave me that Microsoft website that I posted in my question that listed it as a disk type. It must be a typo by Microsoft.