Sep 9, 2005
I was wondering if anyone could answer a question for me. I was just give an HP Pavilion XE743. It has an ASUS MEW-AM mainboard (socket370). I have installed a 256 PC100 SDRAM module. I thought it odd that the MB suppored PC100 memory, but the CPU FSB is 66. Is it worth my while to even try to overclock the CPU (if I am able to - not sure if the MB has jumpers that allow me to do this) so it will run at 100MHz? Thanks.


Jun 7, 2005
hp takes off the jumpers n stuff so you cant overclock
but you can use this thing can cpucool or something and it lets you change the fsb on the fly.

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I just got rid of a similar system. I busted a pin from the CPU so it would be detected as 100MHz bus, and VIOLA, it was detected as a Celeron 900. Worked perfectly I might add.

That system came from the factory with PC133. I pulled it, and put in PC100, so I could use the PC133 in a faster system.

PC133 and PC100 are both backwards compatable to 66MHz. In fact, PC133 being more common now, it's cheaper. And a lot of PC100 is just relabled PC133, since PC100 has been out of production longer.

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