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Celeron M 340 to Celeron M 390 Upgrade


Aug 11, 2011
Hello all!

Quick question: I have an old Dell B130 laptop, running hella slow, and I have since moved on to a Core 2 Duo system ( a bit dated now, what with Core i-series 2G and what not, but, hey, it still works! LOL :na: ). Recently, however, I've been wanting to have a dedicated Linux setup for my wife to tool around on. I'd dual boot with my current system, but I've been reading about OpenSuze dual-boot issues with Windows Vista/7, and I can't afford to have my system down because of boot partition problems. The only solution I see is to dust off my old B130 and spice it up with OpenSuze as a dedicated Linux machine.

Anyhow, I was wondering if I can upgrade from 130 nm Celeron 340 (Banias series) to 90nm Celeron M 390 (Dothan series) on my old laptop. FSB are the same (400 mHz), sockets are the same (PPGA478), only the L2 cache sizes and the lithographies are different (512kb vs. 1 Mb cache, and 130 nm vs. 90 nm lithography).

Thanks for any help you might offer me. The other thing too is, if it is indeed possible to do the upgrade, where would I find such dated processors, and how much would the Celeron M 390 run me? Any reliable sources would be appreciated, since I doubt that Newegg would carry such dated stuff..

Thanks again!!



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