Celeron - multiplier


Oct 20, 2002
I have a Celeron Coppermine 700MHZ CPU and the multiplier is set at 5.0x and can be adjusted in increments of 0.5 ie. up and down range 1 to 10.

What muliplier settings do you suggest, ie. try up or down (don't know) 0.5? There are no other ajustments availabe in the BIOS.


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Let me guess, when it's set at 5x you have 700MHz. When it's set at 6x you have 700MHz. When it's set at 7x you have 700MHz. That would be typical, as all retail Celerons have always been multiplier locked, a 700 would run at 10.5x66.6MHz no matter what you chose in BIOS, so setting it differently makes no difference. Besides, you BIOS doesn't have a 10.5x multiplier, you couldn't set it at the "proper" ratio no matter what you did.

There were a few PIII's with unlocked multipliers, those were called Engineering Samples and not available to the public. I've never seen a Celeron Engineering Sample.

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