Celeron Vs. Pentium III


Feb 4, 2003
I'm new here.
I have a Emachines 733 running a Celeron 733 Mhz (66 FSB) FC-PGA with a GeForce MX440 PCI (my cheap toy). The motherboard is a TriGem Cognac+ with the Intel 810 that supports both 66 and 100 FSB. No idea if supports about FC-PGA2 or whatever. I've heard people who upgraded to the Pentium III 1.10 Ghz FSB 100 (OEM for $170)

I want to upgrade my system to a better and faster CPU.
Which one is better????

Intel Pentium III 1.10 Ghz FSB 100 Mhz
Intel Celeron 1.4 Ghz FSB 100 Mhz?

I am really messed up about the perfomance, but anyway
, besides the IHS on the FC-PGA2, why won't it be compatible with the Socket 370 FC-PGA????? What's the "internal" difference between them?

And... what are the odds that the Celeron will work on that motherboard? It has 256 Kb, FSB 100, I mean, it's EXACTLY like the Pentium III except in the clock speed... right???

Besides, the Celeron 1.4 Ghz is only $60 BOXED...
What do you recommend?

Thanks in advance,

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Jun 26, 2002
Possibly your mobo doesn't support tualatin processors.

If it supports, then get the Celeron

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Jan 29, 2003
There are different PIII's. The one you mentioned is with a Coppermine core. PIII with a Tualatin core works at an FSB of 133MHz, not 100MHz.
Celeron 1.4G is apperently better than PIII 1.1G with a Coppermine core. So if your mobo supports Tualatin, go and get one.


Dec 31, 2007
Your system most likely doesn't support the 256k Celerons, which all use Tualatin cores. That would limit you to 128k Celerons and Pentium III Coppermines.

I recommend ditching the board and video card. You could have gotten a used board with AGP slot for less than the price difference for a PCI card (yes, PCI cost around $20 more than AGP and offers less than half the performance). You've already made an extremely bad purchasing decision with the MX440PCI, there is no point in throwing good money after bad, so to speak. You really need to consider where your going and how much it's costing you! I'd sell the card on eBay (make certain you promote it properly, look at other sellers final prices and figure it out). Then you'll at least want a better board for any new CPU.

Or let me put it to you like this: A Pentium II 350 with an AGP version of your card would produce better performance in games. You're really lagging with that system.

Trigem IS Emachines.

You could get a Micro ATX board for your current system. But you'd be farther ahead to sell everything and build new. A $70 board and $30 Duron would be a better platform as long as you picked a $70 board with AGP slot (like the MSI 745 Ultra). And you could "get buy" with your PCI card on that slot, until you sell it, and use the money from the sale to buy an AGP version.

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