News CERN Releases the WorldWideWeb... 30 Years Later

The idea of hyper-media put into action at CERN is fascinating, especially since it has grown in to what it is today. Thank you for the write-up on this news. I've been working on a term paper for school that features the history of web applications, so I've been reading about the World Wide Web and the first browsers that allowed the traversal of the early web. I for one am a fan of the simpler layouts of web pages. I'm also trying to learn more HTML and CSS so I can put that in to practice.

Very interesting article! :geek:


I seem to recall it was Microsoft's Internet Explorer that popularized the one-click link-follow.

Man, in your nostalgia, you seem to forget how quickly things went downhill. I'll give you just two examples:
  1. Flashing text.
  2. Animated wallpaper.
And self-playing MIDI files didn't arrive long after.

In fact, a lot of early web pages used tiled wallpaper that was rarely better than a plain background, often even making the text difficult to read. Also, this extra rendering workload bogged down most PCs of the day, making scrolling rather jumpy.

A lot of web pages were hand-coded by geeks using all the latest HTML and browser features just because they could.