Question Certain keyboard keys not working on my recently built custom system ?

Oct 19, 2022
I have recently configured a system with motherboard[Gigabyte H410M H V3], nvidiya gt 730 graphics card, processor i5-10400F. I confess that I had installed-uninstalled os'es[including windows]. Currently am using opensuse. Initially all the keys were working and I don't know in which step the keys[Both Shift , d . End]; in numpad [0 1 +] have stopped working. I understand that the motherboard is originally for windows only[but the keys are not working even in bios] can anything be done ?

Am using legacy boot. There is an error message[more like warning and then it proceeds wth the loading] starting os saying SGX disabled by BIOS; ACPI BIOS Error; ACPI Error[AE_ALREAY_EXISTS]; ACPI BIOS Error;... etc. It's my first time probably its something related to setup. I had installed the motherboard Cd while the OS was windows.


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