[SOLVED] Certain Websites load slowly only on one device

Aug 20, 2019
Hey guys, so as the title says some of the websites I'm trying to access, such as gmail, take almost a minute to load- no exaggeration. While others, such as Youtube, take less than a second, and seems to be only for my desktop computer which is connected to my modem using Ethernet.

So the things I've noticed and what I've tried.
  • Speed test: my desktop either can not connect correctly to the server, or it gets 12 MB up, 0 down.
  • When I connect my laptop to the same Ethernet cable, the problem isn't present and I get 12 MB up and 3 MB down.
  • When I run my desktop in safe mode w/ networking the problem isn't present. All websites load properly.
  • When I scan my computer with Kaspersky anti-virus, no viruses are detected.
  • I've restarted my modem a few times,- that did not help.
  • And lastly, I restarted my computer, but not in that order of course.
I think the problem is software related on my computer. I just need to find the problem. If you guys have ideas, please let me know.
I really don't want to uninstall and reinstall my OS.