Certification choice help

Jul 23, 2018
Hey fellow techies. I’m new to the IT industry so I could use some input from you seasoned dudes. I’ve been applying to it jobs to no avail, I guess being a senior level student 6months away from a bachelors in computer science with a focus in programming is nothing compared to the geniuses with just an A+ cert. so here is where I need help. I’m breaking down and finally going for a cert. my plan was starting with sec+(since I could pass a+ easy) and then on to either a ccna or mcsa. I’m trying to get into the realm of help desk and get enough experience to work up to sys admin. I’ve taken Course in: networking, advanced networking, msoffice, web analytics, html5/css, python, JavaScript, admin scripting(jsnode and VBS), sql & relational databases, and app security. Given this what certs do you guys think would really benefit me? I’m torn since Microsoft is so widely used, but Cisco seems to be sought after certs. Any advice is welcomed. Side note: money is an issue because I’m having trouble finding good full time work after exiting the military.


Does your school have any sort of "job placement" programs. If so, take advantage of the program in order to polish your resume and highlight the applicable skills needed for any given job application.

Likewise, there a number of programs to help veterans find employment. Seek out those programs.

It is a competitive world so get all the assistance that you can.

Key is being able to honestly convince a prospective employer that you can do the job. Be ready and willing to start at the bottom - you will need to prove yourself.