Question Change Detected monitors when changing screen input?

Nov 26, 2020
Hi Everyone, I'm hoping you can help me with an issue I have

My setup currently has 2 monitors and a laptop.
Monitor 1 has my Xbox connected via HDMI, and tower PC connected via DP.
Monitor 2 has tower PC connected via DP, and work laptop connected via HDMI.

When working, I will usually have Monitor 2 as an extended desktop from my work laptop, and Monitor 1 showing my tower PC. When I turn my Xbox on, I would like Monitor 1 to show the Xbox, Monitor 2 to show my tower PC, and un-extend the laptop screen.

Is it possible to make this change automatically, so when the Xbox turns on, the screens shift inputs as described? This used to work as I had an HDMI switch into one screen that only had 1x HDMI port, however I have recently bought new monitors with 1x HDMI and 1x DP (amongst other inputs) so thought to use the provided ports.

Hopefully this is possible, and any advice is welcomed!