Question Change motherboard on HP SFF PC?

Apr 10, 2019
Hi, is it possible for me to change the motherboard of my hp compaq dc7700 small form factor and retain stuffs like disk drives, power supply and Ram?
RAM will depend on the motherboard and CPU support for it. As far as I can tell, your system uses DDR2; so any modern motherboard and CPU will be incompatible with it.

Disc drives will depend on the interface with the motherboard. These should be fine as they seem to be SATA.

Power supply may depend whether HP uses a proprietary form factor and connections. For some prebuilts the included PSU doesn't use standard connections (particularly the main power cable to the motherboard).

For reference:
Hp compaq dc7700 SFF uses non-standard motherboard form factor.
You won't be able to put any standard board in that pc enclosure.

Basically - you'd have to build entirely new pc. Only thing reusable there is HDD.
PSU is old and low power unit. It won't be reusable for a gaming pc.