Question Change motherboard to an HP

Nov 25, 2020
Hello, good to all, I have a hp 520-1005es from 2012 and I have reset and installed windows 10 and I wanted to improve it, here comes the problem, the motherboard it have is a Pegatron 2AC2 only supports ddr3 and only up to 8gb of ram to 1333Mhz and it does not have sata 3 only 2, let's go a rubbish, I had thought to change the intel that it brings (an i5 2390T) for an i7 3770k, put maximum ram that supports and a ssd even if it is sata 2. As you can see it is all in one pc and I was wondering if it would be possible to change the entire motherboard (Pegatron 2AC2) for one that supports sata 3 and ddr4. I have no idea about motherboards and being a factory mounted computer and above all in one pc that has everything to suit it, I do not know if there will be a motherboard that fits like that, but improved or something. I hope someone can help me, thank you all very much.