Question Change my monitor. Please help!

Apr 15, 2020
I have a lg 25um8-p 25" ips, 75hz, (2560x1080) ultrawide.

I want to change with samsung Samsung C24RG50FQU, 24", (1920x1080) va pannel, 144hz, 4ms, curved monitor.

Is good idea. ? I want sugestions!
Refresh rate wise, yes this is a good choice. Color quality and screensize, not at all.

The Samsung model you want to get is a VA panel while your current one is IPS. Here's a breakdown:
VA- middle ground between IPS and TN; VA offers fast refresh rates and response times but lacks the color quality of an IPS. VA also has the best contrast ratios (dark scenes are much darker compared to other panel types, making them look realistic).

IPS- Top tier in color quality but can suffer bleeding (white spots on screen when dark scenes are playing) and flickering at high refresh rates (this however is not much of an issue these days).

TN- Worst color quality and viewing angles but best response times and refresh rates (You can find TN panels going beyond 300Hz no problem). Pro gamers get these purely for the refresh rate.

So my advice/conclusion: Setup dual monitor for yourself. Make the VA samsung monitor your main monitor for gaming and keep your IPS as a secondary for movies or viewing pictures. I have this setup currently and honestly I plan to go purely IPS in the future. Now that technology has allowed IPS to handle higher refresh rates, I see no reason why not to go all IPS and have the best colors. Though speaking honestly I don't really notice the washed out colors of my VA while gaming, it's only noticeable when browsing the web or look at pictures.