Change NIC cards between 2 systems of same model.


Apr 3, 2012
I have 2 laptops of HP. model is hp550 business notebook.

I want to interchange the mac addresses of both the systems with each other. Laptop "a" should have both LAN card and wireless card's physical addresses of laptop "b". I need it to be permanent, so i really dont see any use of some software to change mac address for some time and also we have to do it every time we reboot system.

1.) Is it possible if i change the NIC cards of both the systems, means hardware change which includes both the cards?
2.) Can these nic cards be changed without changing other hardware?
3.) Will there be any issue regrding performance or hardware compatibility?

Please note that both the laptops are same model purchased same day. These are old one about 3 years old. One is absolutely new and other one is completely f* up. So i need to change mac ids due to some problem with wifi connectivity. No other way else than changing mac add is possible.

Also if you can please tell me where these cards are located, any image or video or any graphic illustration etc. I have opened laptop several time for changing touch pad and keypads and ram.