Change the direction of my fans


Mar 13, 2011
hi there,

yesterday I mounted my fans with rubber grommlets and everything but I realised it was sucking air in instead of pullinf it out. Is there a way it can be fixedwith out pulling thm out because in the other side I find it really ugly. :( would it work just swithing the ground with the power?

anyway I wait for your answers

thank you.

sam :)
No, the blade orientation is what decides airflow direction,
If you swap the ground/positive you will blow something up, maybe just the fan, maybe the whole Rig,
Remove the fan and turn it around, if you don't like how it looks, put a filter or grill over it maybe?
You can switch the rotation direction, but the fans won't work nearly as well ( as moto says, the way the blades are shaped is meant for a single airflow direction. ) I know some of those rubber mounts are a pain to redo, but take the time and do it right.